Sunday, May 1, 2011

North to Alaska

Well I’ve put away the surfboards and pulled out the binoculars for 3 plus months of birding and seabird harassing in Alaska. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to update this blog during my time up north; the internet does not reach my soon to be remote location on a small uninhabited Alaskan island. I could tell you more about the project, but I won’t know the details until I start getting my hands dirty, plus I’m spent from trying to pack for 3 months of camping in Alaskan summer weather; so you’ll have to check back in mid August for my post season posts. In a nut shell the project is aimed to measure the long-term breeding success of Black Legged Kittiwakes, Horned Puffins, and a few Auklets on Middleton Island. If you want to contact me you can send letters through the mail, strange concept tell me about it. I won’t post the address here, but if you send me an email my account may regurgitate a response with the postage details.

Tomorrow, I’m back up in the air.

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  1. What an awesome adventure! I hope you make it back to read this post! And, more importantly, I hope to hear about it from you when I get back to CA in November!