Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pre-Curser

Well, this is my first post, so bare with me. My drive for creating this blog stems both from the desire to keep those who care informed about my thoughts and experiences of life, as well as the need to distract myself from Facebook and start writing again.

A while ago I was feeling stuck in Monterey, after graduating from CSUMB. My plans for traveling the summer after graduation were smothered by work and a hesitation to take a risk. A year had past and still I had not committed, or even thought about Graduate School. I was worried that I could end up trapped on this peninsula.

So I wrote the following poem. Probably the only real poem I've written since they were assigned in elementary school. I typically shy away from poetry, but this just kind of happened. Granted I few beers played a major role, I think it turned out OK.

March 8, 2010


I am a frond of kelp, glued to some stagnate rock in a rapidly changing sea. Other kelp fronds inhabiting the same rock to which I am glued appear content in their ways, growing and swaying in the beams on seemingly endless sunlight. Their stipes are new and full of potential, limited only by the depth of water, the surface still out of sight from their perspective. I, on the other hand, have reached my limit of growth in this coastal community which I am physically adhered to. An endless blue horizon stretches before me, displaying the occasional silhouette of creatures unknown, wandering from the open ocean into view of my shallow tidal existence. So here I wait, I watch the other kelp fronds around me bask in the new and exciting, while my blades splay across the surface, exposed and motionless, reaching for the open expanse of that blue unknown. Waiting for that one big storm to rip me from my holdfast, initiating a new way a life, a floating transient, free to drift where the currents take me.

It turns out, I few weeks after writing this (actually about a month after), I was accepted for a volunteer position in Eastern Australia to count migrating Southern Humpback Whales. I will be standing on a bluff in North Stradbroke Island for 6 weeks noting the number of whales that pass by from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic Ocean to the breeding sites off the Great Barrier Reef and other tropical destinations to the North. Looks like the storm has passed and I'm on my way.